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Pyramids at Güímar

Pyramids in Guimar

Archeologists and authorities scoffed when a nearby daily paper distributed an article guaranteeing to have uncovered perplexing step-pyramids on the island of Tenerife. Simply more rural stone patios they said, for example, are regular all through the Canaries.

At the same time Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl thought in an unexpected way. Dr. Heyerdahl, who had broad research on the pyramids of Túcume in Peru, was interested by photographs of the site and on going by the valley of Güímar to see for himself, he accepted these were not porches or arbitrary heaps of stone cleared by the Spaniards, as some had attempted to clarify them away. They were carefully constructed step-pyramids, built as per comparative standards as those of Mexico, Peru and old Mesopotamia. The Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Güímar offers you the likelihood to visit these uncommon and intriguing structures, and will furnish you with hypotheses in regards to the conceivable dissemination of aged civilisations.

Other than the six stage pyramids, the ethnographic park is likewise home to the museo Casa Chacona (gallery of Casa Chacona), where a life-size reproduction of Dr. Heyerdahls' vessel, indigenous covers and earthenware figures are on presentation. There is additionally a theater/film, cafeteria and a natural trinket shop.

In this way, in the event that you like history, why not look at these secretive ponders right here on the eastern shore of Tenerife.

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